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2nd EAI International Conference on Smart Grid Inspired Future Technologies

March 27–28, 2017 | London, Great Britain

IRENE Workshop on Tools for Smart Grid

Design and Assessment 

This workshop is part of the 2nd EAI International Conference on Smart Grid Inspired Future Technologies (SmartGift 2017), which will be held in London, UK from 27 to 28 March 2017. 

Workshop Chairs 
Andrea Ceccarelli - University of Florence, Italy 
Tony Clarke - Ethos, UK

Workshop Scope 

Power grids are the most critical of the urban infrastructures as all infrastructures rely on the availability of electricity. The introduction of Smart Grid technologies into urban power grids comes with opportunities as well as significant challenges. The opportunities are in the optimized control of electricity grids and the easier integration of decentralized generation in urban areas. On the other hand, the required large-scale integration of ICT into electricity grids is increasing their complexity, and causing new 
risks of cyber-attacks. 
Tools are fundamental to plan, design and assess the Smart Grid e.g., to manage its complexity, identify and mitigate threats, prevent power outage, assess its resilience. The IRENE Workshop on Tools for Smart Grid Design and Assessment is specifically intended to attract submissions on tools for Smart Grid design, planning, operation, management and assessment. Demo contributions are particularly welcomed. Further, given the relevance of reference data to exercise and tests tools, contributions on datasets are encouraged. 
This workshop is the final event of the project JPI Urban Europe IRENE. The program will include sessions to present the final results of the project, and especially the devised methodology for collaborative city planning and the related tools for risk assessment, energy prediction and energy management.

Paper Submissions

Papers should be submitted through EAI 'Confy' system at Confy, and have to comply with the SPRINGER format (see Author's kit section).
Presentations delivered during the workshops are based on papers that have been selected through peer- review process. Accepted workshop papers are included in the Conference Proceedings. Best workshop paper publications may be included in various Transactions or other journals.
Papers should be submitted into WCSG track under SmartGift 2017 in Confy (LINK).

Paper Publications

Accepted papers will be published by Springer following the same rules of SmartGift 2017 Call for papers.

Important Dates

Full Paper Submission deadline 27 January 2017 
Short Papers Submission deadline 27 January 2017 
Notification deadline 12  February 2017 
Camera-ready deadline 6 March 2017 
Workshop date: 27 or 28 March 2017, joint to SmartGift 2017 (exact date to be set). 

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: 

• Tools on Smart City and Smart Grid planning, design, assessment 
• Tools on hazard analysis and risk assessment 
• Tools for security and resilience assessment of Smart Grid, including urban micro-grid 
• Tools for Infrastructure and Smart Grids management 
• Tools for Smart Grid design and evaluation 
• Tools for planning and modelling urban disaster response strategies 
• Tools for costs estimation, especially of power outages 
• Datasets on energy consumptions of Smart Grids, Smart Cities and specific installations 
• Security-related datasets, for example on attack models and attackers profile 
• Dataset on data transmission and exchange in Smart Grids, Smart Cities, and specific installations 
• Frameworks to manage procedures and governance 

Program Committee 

Nuno Antunes, University of Coimbra, PT 
Peter Ball, Oxford Brookes University, UK 
Michael Chai, Queen Mary University of London, UK 
Yue Chen, Queen Mary University of London, UK 
Mislav Findrik, AIT, Austria 
Valerio Formicola, University of Illinois, USA 
Davide Iacono, Resiltech SRL, IT 
Hui Lin, University of Illinois, USA 
Leonardo Montecchi, University of Florence, IT 
Lorena Montoya, University of Twente, NL 
Baldoino Neto, UFAL, Brasil 
Eng Tseng Lau, Queen Mary University of London, UK 
Supported by the JPI Urban Europe Project IRENE - Improving the Robustness of Urban Electricity Networks